The Cannibal Camp

The Thrunefang Camp

Formerly home to the Thrunefang Cannibals, The camp consists of several large wooden huts with palm-frond roofs arranged in a small clearing in the jungle in the shadow of a stone lighthouse.The Light House was the linchpin of the Cannibal’s Camp. Before the assault the Chief and all the female cannibals lived here. There was a pitched battle in the firepit area where Momoa, Matt, and Ishirou fought off a literal horde of cannibals with their terrifying chieftain leading them and the evidence is still there.

Cannibal camp

V1: Camp “Guard Dog”

A single Shiv dragon was kept tethered to a tree here via a thick rope. The lizard was released by a cannibal and attacked the group. Batar and Seferille took care of it and the cannibals in this area.

V2: Firepit

This is the communal center of the tribe and the site where their great feasts occurred. A large iron cauldron salvaged from the Thrune’s Fang sits atop the firepit. This was the place the group first encountered the cannibals. Four were in this area and Momoa, Matt, and Ishirou moved to engage them triggering the giant battle. Near the base of the lighthouse to the northwest of the firepit lies a 10-foot-diameter hole covered by a lid of bamboo and driftwood. This hole drops 20 feet down into area the hole that contained ghouls until the group disposed of them. A few stakes driven into the ground serve as anchors for nearby coils of vines that can be used to descend into the pit, Matt figured out that the cannibals rarely did this, as they viewed the hole as the entrance to their afterlife.

V3: Big Hut

The largest hut in the camp, this is where the male cannibals shared living space as the females lived in the chieftain’s room on the second floor of the lighthouse. Four Cannibals quickly came out and joined the battle in the Firepit area.

V4: Guard Post

This guard post sits 10 feet above the ground on thick stilts, and grants an excellent view of the sea and the path leading up to the camp—there were two cannibals always on duty here. Batar burned them out as evidenced by the large scorch marks covering much of it. It appears to be still structurally sound.

V5: Storage Hut

This hut was used to store tools, food (including a month’s worth of dried human jerky) and drinking water. Matt made sure to destroy all the meat found here as he rightly suspected it was human.

V6: Butchery

This wide area has an open wall looking out over the prisoner pen to the south. Two long, horrifically bloodstained slabs of wood used to be here and served as butcher’s tables. The cannibals appeared to have delighted in the cruel practice of preparing meals for cooking in front of any surviving prisoners. Matt made sure to destroy these tables as well.

V7: Prisoner Pen

Open to the sky, this muddy yard is fenced in by a bamboo and driftwood fence. Numerous stakes driven deep into the ground provide places for prisoners to be tied with their hands behind their
backs—prisoners generally weren’t kept long enough for the cannibals to worry about this inactivity causing health problems.

V8: Refuse Pit

This muddy, 10-foot-deep pit is where the cannibals generally disposed of the remains of their meals, along with any other refuse they might have.

V9: Skeleton Pen

There were multiple skeletons here under the Witches control. They were kept in a small pen made of wood and bamboo and were released to flank the adventures making the difficult fight a little harder as they set upon Burn, Seferille, and Batar.

V10: Witch’s Workshop

The witch used this room as a workshop to prepare her foul-smelling alchemical mixtures, medicines, balms, meals, and potions. A search of the area turned up three antitoxins, two smokesticks, three tanglefoot bags, a thunderstone, six potions of cure light wounds, and two potions of lesser restoration. The Witch was in here when the fight started. She came out, let the skeletons out of the pen and then had her head blown off by Burn before doing anything else.

V11: Witch’s Bedroom

This filthy chamber is decorated with hundreds of tiny bones and feathers hanging from twine. The place still smells hideous—a combination of body odor, bitter alchemical waste, and monkey.

Light House Locations:

V12: Guard Post

Two cannibals stood guard in this room, watching over the entrance to the lighthouse. They rushed out and died in the battle in the Fire Pit area.

V13: Lighthouse Foyer

Matt thinks that the chief held court in this room.

V14: Guest Room

This room, once used for storage, looked like it was converted into a guest room for Ileana. How she managed to get the Thrunefangs to trust her is suspected to be the way she was able to get the Captain to do her bidding, some sort of magical charm or compulsion. The room contains a crude (but comfortable) bed made of driftwood and a homemade feather mattress, along with the remains of several meals—many of which are recognizable as rations taken from the Jenivere.

V15: Shrine to Thrune

This cluttered room has been decorated with all manner of relics and remnants taken from the wreck of the Thrune’s Fang, including its Asmodeus-shaped figurehead, which looms to the north
as the centerpiece of this temple-like area. The room functions as a shrine to the Thrunefangs’ history—an investigating the fantastic amount of clutter here and a DC 20 Knowledge (history) was able to confirm that the items here date from the earliest days of the House of Thrune’s rule over Cheliax, and were likely taken from one of several ships that sailed south to Sargava over 70 years ago in the failed attempt to reestablish control over the wayward colony.

V16: Chieftain’s Den

The Chief and his four consorts lived here. The chamber is decorated with furniture taken from the Thrune’s Fang, most of which is in relatively poor shape. A dented footlocker against the east wall contains the 70-year-old payroll from the ship The chest contained several rotted bags, along with 4,200 sp and 180 gp. The group removed all of this coin.

V17: Balcony

This wooden balcony is built onto the side of the lighthouse and supported by a tangled mess of driftwood and bamboo scaffolding. Although it looks rickety, the balcony is quite stable. It’s a 20-foot drop to the ground below. During the pitched battle the Chieftain joined in spectacular fashion by jumping from the balcony into the Fire Pit area.

V18: The Light

The top of the lighthouse isn’t quite finished—the colonists abandoned the project only a few days before they would have completed construction. The massive bronze reflector and other machinery here could be restored to functionality with 2d4 days of work.

The Cannibal Camp

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