Male Gnome group entertainer and bard extraordinaire


a spry, energetic gnome with blond hair and a neat goatee. Currently wearing disheveled nobles clothing. The little gnome has a quick wit and is a talented speaker. Unfortunately he has a mean-streak and often cannot help himself from making a snide remark at someone else’s misfortune.

Quest: Aerys “Keeping up with the Pathfinders”

Completion Conditions: Find out what happened to the “Nightvoice”

Gelik knows of an old story about a Pathfinder Society ship called the Nightvoice that went missing in these waters, and the most popular theory as to what happened is that the ship ran aground on Smuggler’s Shiv or sank near the island. He admits that he’s currently “on probation” with the Pathfinders, and that finding out what happened to the Nightvoice could go a long way toward clearing his record with the organization.

Status: Pending (must research ships log and hand over to Gelik

Reward: ?


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